Since 2003, the Burkina Faso Girls’ Scholarship Fund (BFGSF) has enabled dozens of girls to attend primary and secondary school in Burkina Faso. We welcome you!

What we do is help girls in Burkina Faso, Africa…

…through homemade rafting, arm wrestling across the country, hula hooping, & funky dancing to raise scholarships

…so that girls can go to school, engendering a domino effect of positive change in our world.


Click the About section to read an overview of this program. To learn more about our scholars, visit the Girls page. To explore the many ways investing in girls has a domino effect, go to Why girls’ education? Check out the Events link to see some of the creative ways we raise funds and spread the word about our mission. Won’t you please support these girls (Donate)?

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Why support girls’ education?

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