Welcome! My sister and I started BFGSF in 2003, after she returned from three years of teaching in Burkina Faso, Africa with the Peace Corps. Since then these scholarships have covered school expenses for dozens of primary and secondary students in Gonsin, Burkina Faso.

Many families cannot afford the school tuition and fees ($100/year for high school) or can afford to send only one child (a son) to school. Consequently, the high school graduation rate is much lower for girls, making education a missed opportunity for independence and employment. Scholarships cover school costs, along with supplies necessary for academic success, which may include school supplies, a school uniform, an oil lamp for reading at night, and a mat to sleep on. When distance from school becomes a barrier to education, the program lends bikes for transportation.

Scholarship recipients are selected based on merit (high grades) and also need (many students are orphaned by the AIDS pandemic). Because high school is when many girls lose the ability to go to school, we provide sustained support for students through to their graduation, which is important for future success. This program is made possible through the partnership with our colleague and friend, principal and teacher Hermann Yelkouny, and the Help for the Future NGO he has created in Burkina Faso for this purpose. Check out more information on Help for the Future here.

The Burkina Faso Girls’ Scholarship Fund is a completely volunteer-run organization.  100% of every donation goes toward the scholarships. No amount is too large or small. Please consider becoming an advocate for girls’ education! And please spread the word by telling your friends and liking our facebook page! We can each make a difference in our world!

Beth Knight, PhD, Director and Co-Founder, BFGSF


Hermann Yelkouny, Help for the Future and BFGSF

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