Hi everyone! I’m building a homemade raft and will float on it down the Haw River July 18-19, Huckleberry Finn style! How far do you think I will make it down the stretch of class I-II river for girls’ education?  Place your bets on the distance you think my little raft will go down ol’ man river! 0 miles? 1/2 mile? 5.6 miles? Whoever is closest wins a Burkina Faso Girls’ Scholarship Fund prize!

Please give me some incentive to take my fragile bones on a ramshackle heap coursing over rocks and rapids! Make a pledge for each mile I make it down river! My goal is 5.6 miles!  You can change your bet/pledge anytime til July 17.

Also, you can make a donation anytime.  Donors giving $20 and up will receive exclusive access to photos/video of the event! Join the fun!

Every donated dollar goes to BFGSF to support girls to high school graduation so they can have better opportunities for employment and life.  Please share this event with your friends!  Thanks for your support!

-Beth Knight

“We all go through a challenge in life because without a challenge there’d be no reason to keep going toward your future.”
― Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn