Donations are tax-deductible!

BFGSF has teamed up with Together We Can, Inc. (TWC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering with “groups committed to making significant and meaningful changes in their communities, both locally and internationally.” TWC’s mission is “to provide opportunities and assistance for people in need to empower them to transform their lives” by coordinating resources to areas of identified need.

Through our partnership with TWC, all donations to BFGSF are now tax-deductible. With no administrative fees, 100% of your generous donation goes to BFGSF.

To donate to BFGSF through PayPal or credit/debit card, go to TWC and select Burkina Faso Girls’ Scholarship Fund.

To donate by check, make sure to write BFGSF on the memo and mail to:

Together We Can, Inc.
1416 Ewing Drive
Garner, NC  27529

Please indicate your mailing address if you’d like to receive a receipt for tax deductions. For EIN (Employee Identification Number) or other information, please email TWC.

*Note: For purchases of Shea4She shea butter, please send all sales to, NOT to TWC. Thanks!

Thank you so much for generously supporting girls’ education!



Shea4She- New skin cream to support girls’ education!

We have whipped shea butter from a women’s co-op in Burkina Faso, Africa into a vitamin-rich, natural skin cream for you! All proceeds go to support girls’ education with BFGSF.

Become an advocate for girls’ education- order your Shea4She mousse by emailing your selection to Shea4She can be purchased through PayPal (to


Number of scholars doubles & BFGSF makes the news!

BFGSF made the national Burkina Faso daily newspaper, Le Pays! The article highlights the scholars as they start the 2016-2017 school year. There are 35 BFGSF scholarship recipients this year, which is double last year’s number, thanks to a generous grant from the Friends of Burkina Faso (FBF) and donations raised from the Gender Bender fundraiser in April. Thanks to FBF and all donors for your support!BFGSF in the news!


BFGSF is pleased to announce our upcoming fundraiser at The Station in Carrboro, NC, Saturday, April 16! This event will explore our concepts of gender and gender roles, expanding our awareness to how females and males are perceived differently around the world. We seek to cultivate our world to value and enable individuals to be themselves and reach their potentials, free from any restrictions based on gender.

Drag yourself, Drag your friends for an all night Gender Bender! Let your expresion be un’tied’ to gender; ‘skirt’ gender norms. Wear what ‘suits’ you, and ‘make-up’ yourself as any/all/no gender! Say YES to the dress! Gender play/blurring is encouraged but not required.

Gender Bender                 GenderBender-TheStation


Arm wrestling challenge: road trip style!
September-October 2014

Supporting scholarships from sea to shining sea! As I traveled across the country, from California to North Carolina, I arm wrestled one person in each state for every donation made to the Burkina Faso Girls!  Thank you to the donors for sponsoring my arms for girls’ education!  More photos & video are on our Facebook page.



Talk about strong-arm fundraising! We agreed to compete in an arm wrestling tournament if BFGSF supporters raised enough money for the girls!  You met the challenge, and so Death Knight wrestled on May 17, 2014 with the League of Upper Extremity Wrestling Women of Durham (LUEWWD)!  We ended up making it to the championship round and raised money at the tournament for another worthy organization as well!  Photos by Jeffrey Camarati.


Funk to fund a good cause!  We had a Funkilicious fundraiser event April 30, 2011 at The Station, in Carrboro, North Carolina.  There was a silent auction, raffle prizes, and of course funky beats & style!