The Girls

Dozens of girls have successfully continued their education through the BFGSF program. Scholars are selected based on merit and need. For the 2016-2017 school year, there are 31 scholars.

The cost to send one pupil to school for a year ranges from $12 to $137, depending on whether a student is in primary or secondary school ($3 or $100 tuition & fees, respectively), needs lunch or a uniform. Some girls who live far from school are lent a bike by our program so they don’t have to walk for several hours each day. Girls receive school supplies and study essentials such as a kerosene lamp to study by.

We focus on secondary school because that is the when many girls lose the ability to go to school. This programĀ supports the students through to graduation, enabling these girls’ education, empowerment, and employment. Do you want to become a sustainer of these girls’ education?

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