Why girls’ education?

1.      Educated women boost income growth. Through a study of 100 different countries, the World Bank found that for every 1% increase in the proportion of women with secondary education, a country’s annual per capita income growth rate increased by about 0.3%. In many developing countries that’s a significant boost.

2.      With the same amount of secondary education as boys, girls earn more. The average girl with a secondary education has an 18% return in future wages, while boys have a 14% return.

3.      Infant mortality rates fall when girls’ education level climbs. Children of women with a primary education are 40% more likely to survive past age 5. Each additional year of schooling for a girl lowers infant mortality by 5-10%.

4.      Girls are better able to plan their future families. Girls in developing countries who receive seven years of schooling have more choices in life: marrying an average of four years later and having 2.2 fewer children.

5.      Educated mothers raise educated children. Educated mothers are twice as likely to send their children to primary school as their uneducated counterparts.

Source:  United Nations Foundation

6.      The #1 way to fight climate change. An environmentalist investigated and modeled many dozens of ways to combat global climate change, then ranked the top 100 in order of effectiveness. The #1 most effective solution is educating girls and empowering women.

Source: Paul Hawken. Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming.